It’s not just us, the Millennials, in the spotlight anymore

One unusual Mashable article yesterday really sparked in me a new perspective. In case you haven’t seen it floating around on your social media feed, the article discusses social media use of 13-year-old-or-so users. I said it was unusual because the author herself is 13 years old. The article is, understandably, mostly her observations of […]

What to expect of a service-learning PR course: A review from working with the Louisiana Northshore Quilt Trail Association and Prism Communications

Throughout my college experience, semesters usually seem to fly by. That was until now. I suspect the reason to be the record number of late night hours these four months have entailed, most of which I spend writing or designing for my public relations (PR) writing class with a service-learning component. Sounds like a very […]

Ethics and professionalism to fix the image for PR

The public relations industry in a way is having a PR crisis of its own. Most people outside of the field either have little understanding of what PR entails, or worse, associate PR professionals with the “spin” practice that puts a positive cover over a company’s unethical practices. Since most PR work lies in the […]

Public relations lessons from service-learning

It has already been almost three months since I started the service-learning work with my group, Prism Communication, and our client, the Louisiana Northshore Quilt Trail Association (LNQTA). The semester is sprinting to an end, and we will soon see our efforts take concrete shape. Namely, our SCVNGR launch event in Ponchatoula, La., is now […]

The Louisiana Northshore Quilt Trail is not just a virtual trail: PR beyond social media

When my grandma, who is 81 and has lived her whole life across the world in Vietnam, joined Facebook about two months ago, it occurred to me that social media has spread across all possible bounderies – namely, physical and generational. Even though my grandma was among the late adapters, it’s taken not even one […]

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Service-learning with SCVNGR: Tracing a virtual Louisiana Northshore quilt trail

As part of my public relations writing class, each student is assigned into one of four groups associated with four different local nonprofits. These nonprofits are our “clients” and each group through the semester will carry out a mini public relations (PR) campaign for its respective client. Each of our mini campaigns will feature strategies […]