Service-learning with SCVNGR: Tracing a virtual Louisiana Northshore quilt trail

As part of my public relations writing class, each student is assigned into one of four groups associated with four different local nonprofits. These nonprofits are our “clients” and each group through the semester will carry out a mini public relations (PR) campaign for its respective client.

SCVNGR mobile app

SCVNGR mobile app

Each of our mini campaigns will feature strategies for SCVNGR, a geolocation mobile application that gives users an experience of a virtual scavenger hunt, with prizes for check-ins and completing tasks.

My group of four is servicing the Louisiana Northshore Quilt Trail Association. Our project is to promote the nonprofit’s annual quilt trails in the southeastern regions of Louisiana.

Louisiana Northshore Quilt Trail Association

Our client, the Louisiana Northshore Quilt Trail Association

My blog will follow our group’s work and also my personal experience with this project as the group’s designer.

service-learning public relations group logo, Louisiana quilt trail public relations

Our group’s name and logo – the first design project

It is exciting for me to take on another service-learning venture. Last year, I took my very first service-learning class for English 2000. Throughout the course, we worked with Connections For Life, a nonprofit that serves as an immersion program for women newly released from prison.

It was a learning curve for me in many ways. First of all, the women in the program are not of the “typical” crowd we encounter here on campus. Working with them through projects opened a lot of new perspectives for me, mostly the importance of being optimistic and looking forward to go through hardships in life.

A particular project also allowed me to develop my visual communication skills. With a group of three others, I developed a brochure that targets prospective employers for the women once they complete the immersion program. Interestingly enough, I was also the designer.

My first-hand experience with service-learning in this way was not only positive but also important. While giving back to the community, I felt that I also improved professionally through working on the brochure. For this reason, I am excited to get started in a service-learning class within public relations, and strongly recommend this model to any students. Service-learning is gaining professional experience inside the classroom.

Next to the Louisiana Northshore Quilt Trail Assocation, other clients for this class include:

Together, the groups in our class will explore the use of SCVNGR in a PR campaign, as well as in promoting nonprofits. Follow our progress via our class blog Discover Louisiana with SCVNGR, Facebook (Discover Baton Rouge with SCVNGR) and Twitter (@discoverBTR).


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